Monthly GTFS Quality Report
Commerce Municipal Bus Lines  ·  Sep 2021

This is a monthly report, generated by the California Integrated Travel Project (Cal-ITP), summarizing issues discovered by MobilityData’s GTFS Validator. This report is available for viewing by the general public to support continuous improvement of GTFS data and the experience of transit passengers.

Current GTFS Feed Info

Feed End Date
Days With No Service

Aggregated metrics for  Sep

  • Service hours per day in the active feed:

Changes from Sep 01 to Sep 30

  • Percentage of stop and route IDs that have changed since the previous month.
  • More than 5% being new or dropped is a cause for attention.

Consistency with the California GTFS Minimum Guidelines

Do the following files/fields exist? 2021-09-05
Visual display shapes.txt
Navigation levels.txt
Fares fare_leg_rules.txt
Technical contacts feed_info.txt
Cal-ITP validation errors observed Number of errors
Error Name Error Description 2021-09-05 2021-09-19
decreasing_or_equal_stop_time_distance Two consecutive stop times in a trip should have increasing distance. If the values are equal, this is considered as an error. 14 48
duplicate_key The values of the given key and rows are duplicates. 28
feed_expiration_date At any time, the published GTFS dataset should be valid for at least the next 7 days, and ideally for as long as the operator is confident that the schedule will continue to be operated. If possible, the GTFS dataset should cover at least the next 30 days of service. 1
route_short_and_long_name_equal Short and long name should not be identical. 8 9
stop_time_with_arrival_before_previous_departure_time The departure_time must not precede the arrival_time in stop_times.txt if both are given. 24